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Love's Labor Jam - Post Work

Earlier this week, you read my partner Adam Shephard's entries about shooting Love's Labor Jam. Now the job begins of cataloging the nearly 12 hours of DVD tapes for content. We did not capture to hard disc, but just to the native Mini DV media.

I have gone through 7 tapes so far, writing down times and events to make the capture process less storage dependent.

It also gives me a chance to review what events are  more likely to make the cut for the doc. There are sound checks, interviews, lots of B-roll and about four hours worth of performances to truncate into a 60 to 90 minute documentary. As with any doc, there are so many good memories and interesting conversations, but something has to go.

After I'm done sorting this weekend, Adam and I will create the event outline that will serve as the backbone of the rest of the process.

Posted By Randy DeFord  on September 06, 2008 12:00 am | Permalink 
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