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SIGGRAPH: Pre-show observations

Yesterday was Post's first day in New Orleans for SIGGRAPH 2009. It's HOT, but every once in a while it would rain. You would think it might cool things off a bit? No such luck.

Popped in to the Nuke User Group where Laika, Blue Sky and Digital Domain, among others, were talking about their experiences with Nuke and showing their work. The Foundry discussed developments in Nuke 5.2, Nuke 6.0, NukeX 6.0 and Ocula 2.

After that, a stroll in the French Quarter brought us to Pat O'Brien's, where we chatted with Digital Domain's Tim Enstice and ran into Autodesk's Jennifer Goldfinch. Some more strolling and some more SIGGRAPH spottings: a couple of guys from ILM, another from Pixar.

This isn't a very large city and while there were some people on Bourbon Street, you couldn't call it crowded, so there is sort of a small town feel to this SIGGRAPH so far. And from what I hear, that feeling might continue on the floor of the show. More on that later…

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