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  • Smoke on the Mac in LA - Day 2

    Posted By Barry Goch

    The next day, Key Code media held a "lunch and learn" Smoke on the Mac session that was well attended by some well know finishing artists looking to get a first hand look at the product. The following day, Autodesk had a live seminar to showcase this ... Continue reading "Smoke on the Mac in LA - Day 2" »

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  • Smoke on the Mac hits LA - Day 1

    Posted By Barry Goch

    Yesterday was the big day. Smoke on the Mac has finally arrived!! I went to two events yesterday and I'm leaving for a third in a few minutes. Metro Video had a day long "Fiesta" to celebrate the release. The big event came later in the day as ALT ... Continue reading "Smoke on the Mac hits LA - Day 1" »

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  • FotoKem's nextLAB Open House 12-5-09

    Posted By Barry Goch

    Last weekend I attended the nextLAB open house at FotoKem in Burbank, CA. James Mathers, President of the Digital Cinema Society, organizes these outings about once a month and provides a great service to the community by doing so. The group in ... Continue reading "FotoKem's nextLAB Open House 12-5-09" »

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  • Happy Thanksgiving and a Reality Check

    Posted By Barry Goch

    I hope everyone had a great Holiday. I spent time with the family, but still found time to work too. I launched a new website, google group and wrote two tutorials for And that's how it seems to be going nowadays. I'm moving at 1000 ... Continue reading "Happy Thanksgiving and a Reality Check" »

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