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Smoke on the Mac hits LA - Day 1

Yesterday was the big day. Smoke on the Mac has finally arrived!! I went to two events yesterday and I'm leaving for a third in a few minutes.

Metro Video had a day long "Fiesta" to celebrate the release.

The big event came later in the day as ALT Systems hosted a Smoke on Mac event at the trendy Sky Bar on the Sunset Strip in West Hollywood, CA. The location was spectacular with poolside views of a glittering LA. It seemed like a who's who of LA post attended, with guests from Universal, Technicolor, and Hydraulx, among others.

Toward the end of the event, I finally got some hands-on time on the system and I found it to be just as responsive as their Linux version. Many guests, including yours truly, believe this is a major event for the post world with far reaching and long-term ramifications. Stay tuned for more...

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