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July 31, 2009
  SIGGRAPH: A first-timer's trip to The Big Easy
Posted By John LePore
I can't wait to head to Siggraph- I'm looking forward to seeing the show for the first time, visiting New Orleans, and having a chance to geek out without my wife ridiculing me. While I'm at Siggraph, I'll be using this space to post my impressions coming from a motion graphics perspective. I'll be at the show, representing for the Perception NYC crew (where I reside as ACD), as well as giving presentations at the Maxon booth, talking about my use of Cinema 4D.
If you have a chance, drop by the Maxon booth (#3219) and check out my presentation Tuesday and Wednesday at 11am, and Thursday at 12pm.
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July 15, 2009
  Surround Sound in the October issue - Ron DiCesare
Posted By Post Writers
Currently, I am working on October's Surround Sound feature. Many people don't realize how broad of a term surround sound is. It can mean 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, IMAX, and even 10.2. which uses a total of 12 speakers!

What's most interesting to me so far is how the recent trend of IMAX movies has taken Hollywood. But, you may not be getting a true IMAX experience at your local theater complex, depending on what film you are seeing. My article will uncover the differences between the latest Hollywood blockbuster type of film being shown at an IMAX theater verses a true IMAX film which is shot, edited, and mixed in the IMAX format from start to finish. 

Another interesting aspect about surround sound is how impractical 10.2 is and how it is not commercially viable for either the home market or the film industry as of yet. But, clearly, 10.2 would be great asset to IMAX film makers and theaters. The current IMAX audio format has room for improvement and 10.2 could be a match made in heaven. I hope my article will help facilitate these two discreet formats to come together as one.

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