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Editors' Lounge Wrap Up - Wow!

Last Friday I went to the Editors' Lounge at Alpha Dogs, a post house in Burbank, CA, owned by Terry Curren. I've been attending the Lounge for a few years now and I really enjoy the camaraderie of hanging out with my fellow editors and other post production professionals.

The topic for the night was XDCAM. They had cameras and displays, but I was manly looking at the post stuff. The presentation that Mark Raudonis of Bunim-Murray made blew me away. Bunim-Murray specializes in reality show production which means a ton of footage. Mark showed stills of his vault full of XDCAM discs. Lots of discs. One of the points he made was that tapeless is not a magic bullet that improves every aspect of the post process.

Jess Bushyhead (yes, that's his real name) showed off some of the multi-resolution workflows in the new release of Avid Media Composer 4. Pretty slick implementation if you ask me.

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