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Avid getting it right at last?

Avid announced Media Composer 4.0 and Interplay 2.0 at IBC this year with DS seeing an update to 10.2. 

Some really nice updates in Media Composer, notably Mix and Match timelines that lets you use different resolutions and frame rates in the same timeline that unlike Final Cut Pro, is actually doing a conversion in software meaning the timeline can be played out without any issues. The implementation of floating licenses will be a big bonus for post houses rolling out more workstations and producer logging stations, cutting down on the amount of licenses required when they aren't in constant use.

Interplay 2.0 has traditionally been a Broadcasters tool and as I have a strong connection to a broadcaster I have always been interested in this product. The new version should open the eyes of Post facilities that will be able to offer clients remote access to the media on their Unity system letting them view, log and make comments about clips and sequences. A close friend of mine from Splice TV in London ( sees it as a way of attracting clients from the other sides of London who might be less keen to travel so far. 

As an Avid user and customer it feels like there are positive things happening within the company which is being manifested in the direction of it's products. As a DS artist it was very reassuring to hear the development happening on that side and at last, talk of Avid killing off the product is nowhere to be heard.

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