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Welcome to My Blog

This is my first blog and it is fitting that it is on Post Magazine's Website. I'm an Avid (ha ha) reader and I'm a tech junky who is always looking for my next fix of gear - and swag ;-) By the way, since I'm based in LA, I will have a bias towards the goings on here in H'wood.

With those two principles in mind, I have something for y'all to check out. For sure you (the collective you) should head over to:

They are always having cool sessions about cutting edge stuff - with swag usually too! For example, last week they had a cool session on the history of Blu-ray. A cool sounding session coming up next month is going to be about displays.

Also, don't for get about DVExpo this week and AlphaDogs' Editors Lounge on Friday.


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