ALT Systems CineSpace FCP + Smoke Awesome Demo

Posted By Barry Goch on July 02, 2010 12:00 am | Permalink
Not long ago, on a beautiful evening, ALT Systems invited folks to join them at one of the coolest venues in Hollywood, CineSpace, to experience Smoke for Mac. The event was billed as FCP + Smoke = Awesome. Yes, it was me, your humble blogger, who had the honor of presenting the demo for ALT Systems. Representatives of Apple were also on hand for the presentation.

I was demonstrating the new drag-and-drop conform workflow between Final Cut Pro and Autodesk Smoke 2011. It's so great to have the advanced tools in Smoke at your fingertips to pull off amazing keys, fast roto work, and industry standard tracking. In my opinion, there's no faster way to get your work done.

I mentioned stars…I mean stars in the world of Smoke of course. Alan Latteri of Instinctual TV came and demo'd his amazing Chopper Spark - plug-in in Autodesk lingo. Chopper does an amazing job at scene detection - perfect for chopping up a single clip for color correction, effects, and even restoration work.

After the demo, there was a crowd around the presenters with follow up questions and good-humored industry banter. ALT + Demos = Good times!