Making the Video Part II - Meet an Academy Award Winner!

Posted By Barry Goch on June 28, 2010 12:00 am | Permalink
This is a follow-up to my earlier blog about making the music video for the song Hope is a Thing by the exquisite singer, Lisbeth Scott. She recently sent me her newsletter and I am pleased to hear about her recent success - Avatar, True Blood, Life on Discovery Channel, and The Edge for the BBC among others.

After a longer than expected offline process, which included a hand-off of the cut to the director Joseph Greco, we finally nailed the edit and then turned it over to post production supervisors Claire Cushman and John Rito at Picture Head, a finishing facility located in the heart of Hollywood.

They did a masterful job recreating my offline cut and matching the look of the style frame I created in collaboration with the director. They hosted the world premier of the music video in their state-of-the-art DI theater. It was a huge thrill to see the result of my work, and the work of many others, on the big screen. The biggest thrill for me (besides meeting Lisbeth) was to meet the Academy Award-winning cinematographer/DP of the music video, Haskel Wexler. He was a true gentleman and shared stories of his illustrious career.

Hope is a Thing can be purchased on iTunes and viewed online at: