Recent Blog Posts in November 2010

  • Createasphere

    Posted By Ed Heede

    BURBANK — What was once called the “HD Expo” was freshly re-branded Creatasphere Entertainment Expo recently. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue as a tradeshow brand, but the name does manage to get away from that passé “HD” thing into a catch-all, ... Continue reading "Createasphere" »

    November 19, 2010 | Permalink

  • AES 2010 - San Francisco

    Posted By Hanson Hsu

    Bumped into Martin Pilchner in the W hotel bar Friday night and ended up spontaneously hanging out with Francis Monzella, Martin Pilchner and Chris Pelonis. We joked that if Carl Yanchar and John Storyk dropped in, we'd have a quorum of studio ... Continue reading "AES 2010 - San Francisco" »

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  • AES- SPARS/APRS Lifetime Achievement Awards

    Posted By Hanson Hsu

    Spars and APRS awarded Bob Clearmountain and Ray Dolby lifetime achievement awards Friday night. Bob Clearmountain made a humble heartwarming speech thanking everyone who ever made a great record and said that he would continue to strive to do better ... Continue reading "AES- SPARS/APRS Lifetime Achievement Awards" »

    November 8, 2010 | Permalink