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  • GenArts Webinar next week: a sneak peek

    Posted By Barry Goch

    Greetings Post family! I just wanted to give everyone a little sneak peek into the upcoming July 21st Webinar that I'm doing with GenArts and Post Magazine on Sapphire Sparks for Smoke on Mac. Timing is 12:00-1:00 pm ET / 9:00-10:00 am PT. In this ... Continue reading "GenArts Webinar next week: a sneak peek" »

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  • PromaxBDA: One day at the NY show

    Posted By Marc Loftus

    I attended part of the PromaxBDA ( ) show today at the Hilton New York on Sixth Avenue. The first session I sat in on was "A Conversation with Anderson Cooper." Cooper is a CNN anchor, reporter and host of AC360. During the session, ... Continue reading "PromaxBDA: One day at the NY show" »

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  • Apple ships FCP X, defends position

    Posted By Marc Loftus

    I met with some folks from Apple - just a day after Final Cut Pro X was released, and almost as soon after the new release started coming under fire. Both of the company's demo artists, who were asked not to be quoted directly, were well versed in ... Continue reading "Apple ships FCP X, defends position" »

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  • A look at the Produced by Conference 2011

    Posted By Ed Heede

    BURBANK - The Produced by Conference (PBC) confab is a three-year-old "educational forum" and gathering of media pros across film, TV and Web. It took place on the Disney Burbank Studios lot June 4 and 5. PBC was co-sponsored by the Producers Guild ... Continue reading "A look at the Produced by Conference 2011" »

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  • Red LA User Group Meets, Focuses on Education

    Posted By Igor Ridanovic

    BURBANK - Once every couple of months the Red camera owners and Red-curious industry pros gather at the Red Los Angeles User Group meeting held at Kappa Studios in Burbank. The most recent gathering took place on Saturday, June 11 th. In the interest ... Continue reading "Red LA User Group Meets, Focuses on Education" »

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  • NAB 2011: My Humble Opinions

    Posted By Dominique Martinez

    By Dominique Martinez Head of Operations In A Place Post Los Angeles LAS VEGAS — Here is what I found interesting during the whirlwind known as NAB. As a DP and owner of a post house running a Pablo platform, I really go into NAB ... Continue reading "NAB 2011: My Humble Opinions" »

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  • NAB 2011 Day 2 From Zen to Beige

    Posted By Carl Jacobs

    Now that I've made the move from the modern zen-like Aria hotel to the cheaper-and-everything-is-putty-colored-including-the-people Bally's, I've got a moment to spend some time with you, dear readers. One thing I've learned in the past three days: ... Continue reading "NAB 2011 Day 2 From Zen to Beige" »

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  • Second Day Impression at NAB

    Posted By Mike Romey

    Stumbling across the finish line here at NAB to see everything. Found a bunch of great gear in the North hall. If you are not familiar with stereo rigs but interested you should check out Element Technica’s booth. They have some amazing hardware and ... Continue reading "Second Day Impression at NAB" »

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  • NAB 2011 Day 1 into Day 2

    Posted By Ed Heede

    Day one was a time of semi-controlled chaos. First up: I threw my hat in the ring for the chance to do a somewhat private interview with James Cameron and Vincent Pace. I assumed the option would come to not much or possibly nothing at all. To my ... Continue reading "NAB 2011 Day 1 into Day 2" »

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  • First Day Impression at NAB

    Posted By Mike Romey

    So the first day at NAB was quite a world wind of meetings. Was hard to make it through the show floor without seeing another familiar face. Was only able to make it through the one hall but saw some great demonstrations. One particular demonstration ... Continue reading "First Day Impression at NAB" »

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  • NAB 2011 Day 1 Plush carpet padding is your friend

    Posted By Carl Jacobs

    I was going to base my observations of the first day of NAB on extensive notes and research. Then I realized that's just what that annoying overachieving kid you knew in junior high would do. I'm no longer that kid—I mean, I have a different idea: ... Continue reading "NAB 2011 Day 1 Plush carpet padding is your friend" »

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  • NAB 2011: SSD Field Recorders

    Posted By Saker Klippsten

    This year's NAB shows has a slew of new products based around SSD Drives. As memory costs come down we will for sure see more products based around these fast, low power consumption devices that have a potential for hundreds of different uses. First ... Continue reading "NAB 2011: SSD Field Recorders" »

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  • It's NAB Eve and all is well

    Posted By Carl Jacobs

    The Sunday before the NAB exhibits open is traditionally a day of kiss-and-tell for vendors and VARs. Some noises have been heard coming from these heavy makeout sessions. AJA is adding 4k capabilities to their Kona 3G card. Reports say it will be a ... Continue reading "It's NAB Eve and all is well" »

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  • The pre-NAB list

    Posted By Mike Romey

    Sunday night and getting ready for NAB. Flying out of Burbank tomorrow morning with everyone else from Los Angeles — bound to see a few people I know on the flight. Thought I would put together a list of software and hardware offerings I plan on ... Continue reading "The pre-NAB list" »

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  • Reflections on LA WEB FEST 2011

    Posted By Ed Heede

    By Ed Heede LOS ANGELES — The untamed world of alternate indie cinema doesn’t get more independent or grass roots resourceful than what was at the Los Angeles Web Fest 2011 ( A show I happened to attend at the tail end of March: ... Continue reading "Reflections on LA WEB FEST 2011" »

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  • HPA 2011: A feast of workflows — and new cameras

    Posted By Tom Coughlin

    “I think in an event like this, everyone should show their workflow,” says Michael Cioni of Lightiron Digital. And so it was at the 2011 Hollywood Post Alliance retreat in February 2011 ( ). The Supersession today called ... Continue reading "HPA 2011: A feast of workflows — and new cameras" »

    February 17, 2011 | Permalink

  • CES: Day 3

    Posted By Bruce Ginsberg

    LAS VEGAS — As CES hits its stride, on Friday evening Monster Cable Products held its annual Retail Awards at the Paris Ballroom here in Vegas. Awards were presented for a variety of categories by their CEP as well as Nick Cannon (actor, rapper and ... Continue reading "CES: Day 3" »

    January 8, 2011 | Permalink

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