First Day Impression at NAB

Posted By Mike Romey on April 12, 2011 07:30 am | Permalink

So the first day at NAB was quite a world wind of meetings.  Was hard to make it through the show floor without seeing another familiar face.   Was only able to make it through the one hall but saw some great demonstrations.

One particular demonstration that stands out was the Foundry’s workflow integration between Mari and Nuke.  At Zoic Studio’s we do a tremendous amount of set extension work for television and this process seems very button up and straight forward.   Seems like a must have for matte painting work.

Another interesting device worth seeing is the Cinedeck Extreme.  It’s a small field recorder with LCD display that uses SSD drive’s to record 4:4:4 footage to either Pro Res, Cineform or Dnxhd.   Blackmagic also introduced a similar field recorder called the HyperDeck Shuttle at $345 and the Hyper Deck Studio at $995.

Also very exciting to see Apple’s next generation thunderbolt enabled devices.  AJA was demonstration a very impressive IO Extreme that supports Apples new Thunderbolt technology.

The Thunderbolt enabled device can display signal and data at the same time bi-directionally.  This turns out to be a very powerful addition to Apple’s new laptops offering some tremendous power via a small connection.

For those that know me, I am a big fan of Shotgun’s Production tracking system and Tweak Software’s RV and it was pretty impressive to see RV running on an HDSDI enabled NVidia graphics card.  This addition to Tweak’s software lineup allows facilities to use RV to review stereo 3d work via high performance HDSDI enabled projectors like the Christies.   They are using Fusion I/O solid state memory cards to load up the content and play back without any run up and very little load time.

Lastly getting ready to speak on a panel with some real giant.  Will be speaking on a panel about Virtual set production.    The name of the session is “ The Virtual Filmmaking Revolution: Merging Live Action, CG, Previs and Real-Time Technology”. The panel is Tuesday afternoon.