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  • SIGGRAPH: World Builder

    Posted By Jeff Kember

    Temperate Controlled Display System: Participants are able to choose between hot and cool water springs to influence the image presented to them. The system consists of a LCD display, a water tank, thermal camera and computer. As small cups of water ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH: World Builder" »

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  • SIGGRAPH: RolyPoly

    Posted By Jeff Kember

    RolyPoly - Two participants are able to sense each other's presence through two white egg-like orbs. Both orbs have the ability to sense touch as well as vibrate to provide tactile feedback. An accelerometer in each orb allows the participant to ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH: RolyPoly" »

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  • SIGGRAPH: ChordxxCode

    Posted By Jeff Kember

    Ph.D. Tomoko Hashida is part of the team that developed a new type of 3D volume display system. Using a programmable 2D ultraviolet light source and stacked glass plates with UV sensitive dyes, they have been successful in creating 3D geometric ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH: ChordxxCode" »

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  • SIGGRAPH: Vancouver hit by storm

    Posted By Stephanie Hungerford

    SIGGRAPH has hit Vancouver by storm, with almost 20,000 people in attendance - what could make up a small city, in fact. Apparently SIGGRAPH is one of the biggest entertainment industry conferences in North America and the largest computer graphics ... Continue reading "SIGGRAPH: Vancouver hit by storm" »

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  • 3D postcards from SIGGRAPH

    Posted By Jeff Kember

    Raleigh Souther ( ), CEO of Fun from 3D Cheeze, is using off the shelf hardware and customized software to produce "3D" postcards of attendees. Two images are captured on green screen, processed and sent to a color printer. The ... Continue reading "3D postcards from SIGGRAPH" »

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  • What I'm looking forward to at SIGGRAPH

    Posted By Michael Stein

    The flight yesterday from London (and Heathrow in general) was packed with visual effects and other CG professionals getting ready to descend on SIGGRAPH. Seemed fitting that our first night here coincided with the last night of the annual ... Continue reading "What I'm looking forward to at SIGGRAPH" »

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  • What is SIGGRAPH?

    Posted By Stephanie Hungerford

    I have been asked, "What is SIGGRAPH?" by many up here in Hollywood North, and it's not just my mom asking this question. I give them the general spiel that it is a conference and exhibition supporting the new technologies behind computer graphics ... Continue reading "What is SIGGRAPH?" »

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