SIGGRAPH: World Builder

Posted By Jeff Kember on August 11, 2011 10:43 am | Permalink

Temperate Controlled Display System: Participants are able to choose between hot and cool water springs to influence the image presented to them. The system consists of a LCD display, a water tank, thermal camera and computer. As small cups of water are poured into the water tank, the thermal camera records the local temperate change and 2D position and sends that information to computer creating the image. One example featured a monochromatic line drawing that would become colored when warm water was drizzled over selective areas. A 3D stereoscopic example was also presented depicting an aerial view of an island. Applications of warm water would cause the terrain height to increase. Cool water would reduce the height of the island making it part of the sea floor. The thermal camera was very sensitive to temperature variation and subtle changes in elevation were possible. The installation provided a high degree of visual feedback, was fun to play with and had an almost zen garden appeal.