CES: Day 2

Posted By Bruce Ginsberg on January 07, 2011 03:10 pm | Permalink
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LAS VEGAS — Tablets, tablets, tablets. The buzz of CES this year is all about new rivals to the iPad, evidencing what game changers the iPad and tablets are becoming. So far, attendees can look at and sample new products but are not allowed to photograph them at most booths. Hopefully by the end of the week, I can report back with some first-hand user experience and pictures of what we can expect from the handheld world.

I noticed an interesting contradiction today: people are buzzing about Apple's dominance in the industry, but Apple is absent here in Las Vegas this week. Especially with iPad rivals popping up, where are they? However, despite a physical lack of presence, Apple looms large over the conference. While Microsoft, along with Sony, Panasonic, LG and others, have some of the largest booths at CES, Apple products still set the industry bar against which all others are measured.

Another big trend of CES has been in the 3D world, from new devices and hardware to special eyewear for enhanced viewing. Oakley and Marchon have introduced such eyewear here at CES. Thanks to audiences embracing 3D after Avatar, the rest of the industry is following suit.

Ford Motors CEO Alan Mulally spoke today about the new ways Ford is syncing phones and mobile devices in their cars for an upgraded entertainment experience. Ford has been very present at CES, modernizing their image and showing Ford as a technologically advanced competitor in the auto industry.

I also stopped by the Monster booth, where they are debuting Tron-Mobile with a “tricked-out” Audi luxury sports car that was inspired by Tron (the movie) and Tron lifestyle electronics products, including games, music and a hi-def in-home movie experience. Lastly, my second celebrity sighting of the trip occurred today (probably one my teenage daughters would appreciate more than me): Lady Gaga! There were hundreds of folks crammed around the Polaroid Booth as she debuted the Polaroid Grey Label products, of which Gaga (see photo) is the creative director. The first set of Grey Label products includes a mobile printer, instant digital camera and camera glasses.

A very busy day 2 at CES.  Check back Monday for my updates from the weekend!

Bruce Ginsberg is senior VP business development at NYC's Click 3X.