CES: Day 3

Posted By Bruce Ginsberg on January 08, 2011 09:59 am | Permalink
LAS VEGAS — As CES hits its stride, on Friday evening Monster Cable Products held its annual Retail Awards at the Paris Ballroom here in Vegas. Awards were presented for a variety of categories by their CEP as well as Nick Cannon (actor, rapper and husband of Mariah Carey). Monster clearly has a unique and close relationship with their retail distributor network, both the big box as well as the smaller regional chains and even the Mom & Pop’s.

Following the awards there was a concert for over 4,000 happy attendees by the amazing Earth Wind & Fire, with special guests Grammy winner and Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Maurice White, with former Prince protégée Sheila E sitting in…and in the audience were such luminaries as Lady Gaga and Andy Dick — perhaps the only time those two will ever be seen in the same sentence!

Today is Saturday and attendance is expected to peak today, meaning the show floor will be at its most crowded and frenetic. Today Ford Motors will debut their first-ever electric car, and this morning will be one of my personal favorite events here, “Last Gadget Standing”, a live competition in which attendees are invited to pitch their new electronic gadget or product to a live standing-room-only audience of their peers, who will vote on what’s the best new product or technology, with cash and bragging-rights awards to the winners. Think “American Idol” for techno- geeks!!!! I’m SO there!

Big Shout-Out to my colleagues at Click3X and ClickFire Media, and our post production clients and clients in (and out!) of the emerging technology and consumer electronics world!

Bruce Ginsberg is senior VP business development at NYC's Click 3X.