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  • PromaxBDA: One day at the NY show

    Posted By Marc Loftus

    I attended part of the PromaxBDA ( ) show today at the Hilton New York on Sixth Avenue. The first session I sat in on was "A Conversation with Anderson Cooper." Cooper is a CNN anchor, reporter and host of AC360. During the session, ... Continue reading "PromaxBDA: One day at the NY show" »

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  • Apple ships FCP X, defends position

    Posted By Marc Loftus

    I met with some folks from Apple - just a day after Final Cut Pro X was released, and almost as soon after the new release started coming under fire. Both of the company's demo artists, who were asked not to be quoted directly, were well versed in ... Continue reading "Apple ships FCP X, defends position" »

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  • A look at the Produced by Conference 2011

    Posted By Ed Heede

    BURBANK - The Produced by Conference (PBC) confab is a three-year-old "educational forum" and gathering of media pros across film, TV and Web. It took place on the Disney Burbank Studios lot June 4 and 5. PBC was co-sponsored by the Producers Guild ... Continue reading "A look at the Produced by Conference 2011" »

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  • Red LA User Group Meets, Focuses on Education

    Posted By Igor Ridanovic

    BURBANK - Once every couple of months the Red camera owners and Red-curious industry pros gather at the Red Los Angeles User Group meeting held at Kappa Studios in Burbank. The most recent gathering took place on Saturday, June 11 th. In the interest ... Continue reading "Red LA User Group Meets, Focuses on Education" »

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