IBC 2011: Sony's OLED monitors

Posted By Sam Johnson on September 09, 2011 12:14 pm | Permalink

First stop for myself at IBC 2011 was to see Sony's new Trimaster EL OLED reference broadcast monitors. OLED is a hot topic at IBC, and Sony are one of the only distributors to be showing them this year, and I have to say they did not disappoint.

Myself and a few others were first shuffled into a darkened booth and were shown identical footage on 3 different Sony "Grade-1" EBU BVM monitors.

1) LCD
2) CRT

First thing you notice is the blacks. They are crisp, sharp and deep. They even perform amazingly in low ambient light.

Secondly their color reproduction was accurate and precise. Much richer than the CRT or LCD in the low-luminance range.

Finally the response time is vastly improved over the LCD. Titles and scrolling text on the OLED were very impressive and blur was very minimal. The CRT still performs better but the difference is slight.

Testing reference LED/LCD monitors recently for our own post production department, I can honestly say that these are some of best reference monitors I have ever seen.

There are currently three Sony OLED ranges. All using the same OLED panel and driver.

- BVM-E - 12-bit Panels
- BVM-F - 12-bit Panels
- PVM - 10-bit Panels

Sizing shown, ranged between 17" & 25" and prices range between £2,500 - £25,000 (approx.)

The PVM & BVM-F are available now and BVM-E ships in October.

For more info visit please visit http://pro.sony.com/

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