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IBC 2011: Tweak Software's RV

I had a nice walk through from Alan Trombla about some of the new features in the latest release of Tweak Software's RV.

One of the really interesting things about RV is that at first glance it seems to be a fairly expensive flipbook software. Often artists use a piece of software like RV for its primary function and don't take the time to see what else it can do. I was guilty of this until I recently took the time to look through its toolset and found out what it can really do.

With a host of features such as version stacking, fast sequence building, comparison modes, basic compositing functionality, fast caching of long sequences, as well as Nuke and Shotgun integration, it really does more than at first look.

Today Alan showed me a new presentation mode that allows the user to play back at full screen on an external monitor, which makes it great for client reviews. He also talked to me about some of its new Python integrations, compatibility with ACES color spaces and some exciting developments with Shotgun (so watch this space).

Thanks to Alan for taking the time.

Posted By Russell Dodgson on September 12, 2011 09:15 am | Permalink 
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