Day Two at PromaxBDA 2012

Posted By Joel Pilger on June 15, 2012 10:12 am | Permalink
Day  two of PromaxBDA 2012 here in LA was full of sessions, saucy celebs and serendipitous meetings. I've enjoyed innumerable meetings and fly-bys with clients and colleagues.
What caught the attention of Impossible? What keen insights are emerging from this crowd of television marketing wunderkinds?
2nd Screen Theory Becomes Reality

For years the television industry has been talking about the coming of " the 2nd screen," e.g., the iPad sitting in your lap while you watch TV.

No longer a theory, the tipping point is being crossed right now. Multiple speakers in multiple sessions have shared not just opinions, but hard data. And the data backs up what we've all intuitively (there's that word again) known was coming: viewer habits are dramatically shifting.
Now that the data is in, calling the 2nd screen a "game changer" turns out not to be an overstatement.

Many networks are not quite sure what to do about that. And so long as the revenue streams of networks are tied to old-school method of measurement, much of the talk about 2nd screen viewer engagement will remain just that. It won't be long, though, before the shift starts to cause serious disruptions.

As further evidence that a real trend is afoot, specialty digital creative boutiques (my friends at Neo-Pangea come to mind) are helping lead the way into this new frontier. And that is a very good thing.

Without a doubt, exploring the 2nd screen will be an exciting, albeit disruptive, adventure.