Promax: Monday, June 11

Posted By Jeff Boortz on June 12, 2012 01:26 pm | Permalink
By Jeff Boortz

What better beginning to Promax this year than a Stanley Cup Final victory for the Kings, and an Elite Member Party at the Marriott ION pool directly above the madness? Victory chants, klieg lights, and circling helicopters, not to mention a 100 ft high luminous Stanley Cup gracing the building behind us lent an air of excitement and possibility to the event.

Every new arrival at the party turned the heads of the crowd. "Oh, there's so and so, and did you know he's now a VP at such at such-and-such." The crowd included the Titans, Lee Hunt, Mike Mischler, Executive Vice President, Marketing at CBS Television Distribution, and our host Jonathan Block-Verk. Mike noted correctly that, "Promax is like a family reunion." 

Kendrick Reid, SVP and Executive Creative Director BET, one never to disappoint on the fashion front, was there and sporting a top hat and a skull adorned ring on every other finger. Joel Pilger, from Denver-based creative production company, Impossible rekindled relationships with Trish Scanlon, VP Brand Creative at Travel Channel, as Brett Ashy, in an "Agusta Green" blazer did so with everyone else. Some, like Markus Schmidt, United Senses, came from the other side of the globe, David Herbruck, from Loyal Kaspar, and Wade Echer and Lou Tumolo from NBC Sports came from the other side of the country, while others I still hope to meet, came from just across town. 

Nobody swam, but everybody seemed to be diving right in.

Jeff Boortz is a Partner and Executive Producer at Be the Creative Source.