PromaxBDA: Day Uno

Posted By Danixa Diaz on June 12, 2012 04:30 pm | Permalink

By Danixa Diaz

Let the show begin with Reeps One amazing performance, electrifying the audience before we hear from the author of "Imagine" How Creativity Works, Johah Lehrer! 


This all after out Elite Celebration by the pool of the JW Marriott last night until 11pm... Late for LA standards! 

Where we also honored the Kings first Stanley Cup win in 45 years!  And this morning, bright and early, I had the opportunity to welcome our amazing interns... Looking sharp in their red shirts, they help keep the masses on track for the entire week! It was so inspiring to meet these smart, motivated, and eager college students!!!

I then tried to take a nap, but between emails and calls it was impossible... Another meeting, a very smooth registration process, with my pre-printed boarding pass and then the Ambassador's luncheon, where a young group of industry professionals, share time with some of their mentors and board members! 

And now I better pay attention to Jonah! Will report back soon... And all this from my iPhone!!

Danixa Diaz is a partner/executive producer with LA-based collective International Artists. She can be reached at: