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  • Dolby Fidelity Forum 2.0 follow up

    Posted By Daniel Restuccio

    SAN FRANCISCO - Professionals have been using digital, plasma, LCD and LED flat screens to display film and television output for years, yet when it came to color correction, no flat-screen technology was as good as a Grade 1 CRT. That is until now. ... Continue reading "Dolby Fidelity Forum 2.0 follow up" »

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  • Dolby Digital's 'Brave' new audio world

    Posted By Daniel Restuccio

    By Daniel Restuccio SAN FRANCISCO - At the Dolby Fidelity Forum 2.0 in San Francisco last week they demonstrated a host of evolutionary audio and video technologies for Blu-Ray mastering and digital theater design that are destined to make the ... Continue reading "Dolby Digital's 'Brave' new audio world" »

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  • Follow-up: KRK KNS 8400 headphones review

    Posted By Luke Harper

    By Luke Harper Owner Audio Altimeter Minneapolis So you may remember that six months ago I reviewed the KRK KNS 8400 headphones ( ). Since ... Continue reading "Follow-up: KRK KNS 8400 headphones review" »

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  • REDucation-X: The next level

    Posted By Daniel Restuccio

    By Daniel Restuccio The five-day intensive Red camera training, called REDucation, is headed to the next level with the four-month-long REDucation-X, the first Red "alternative" to traditional film school training for the next generation of ... Continue reading "REDucation-X: The next level" »

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