Follow-up: KRK KNS 8400 headphones review

Posted By Luke Harper on May 22, 2012 09:37 am | Permalink
By Luke Harper
Audio Altimeter

So you may remember that six months ago I reviewed the KRK KNS 8400 headphones ( Since they were a new product, I was curious about their longevity under the duress of normal operational life. To that end, I gave them to someone who is even harder on equipment than I am: my little brother (pictured below). He's a sysadmin neckbeard gamer guy that lives in Australia and spends a hilarious amount of time in headphones. He beats the hell out of personal electronics as a matter of course.

Q. Hey Ben, how are the headphones holding up?
A. Good mate, good, yeah. I've knocked them about, dropped them, let them live in an over-crowded messenger bag...

Q. How about the left ear? And the cord?
A. Everything works great. I've tripped over the cord, pulling it out more than once and there's no lasting issues...

Q. Any buzz or distortion or anything?
A. Nah. They sound fine.

Q. How about comfort for REALLY extended periods of time?
A. Well, I can do about five hours in them before the top of my head gets a bit sore. That's about it.

Q. Thanks bro.
A. No worries, mate.