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  • IBC 2012 - A Retrospective (Part 2)

    Posted By Sam Johnson

    Blackmagic Terranex I remember last year visiting the the Terranex stand at IBC and looking at all they had to offer as we were looking for a hardware standards converter that didn't cost the earth, unfortunately Terranex's 2011 offering was still ... Continue reading "IBC 2012 - A Retrospective (Part 2)" »

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  • IBC 2012 - A Retrospective (Part I)

    Posted By Sam Johnson

    I've had a week and bit to digest this year's IBC and thought I'd reflect. T'was a funny conference. It was filled with a lot of the same tech that was announced/demoed at BVE, NAB and even IBC 2011, so there was a slight lack of new announcements. ... Continue reading "IBC 2012 - A Retrospective (Part I)" »

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  • Making the switch: Mac to PC

    Posted By David Bourne

    In my work as a video editor and as an instructor, I try to focus on the importance of storytelling over the importance of the tools. But it's hard. Good storytelling elements never change, whereas video editing tools change like the weather. For ... Continue reading "Making the switch: Mac to PC" »

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  • IBC: storage, archiving, asset management

    Posted By Tom Coughlin

    AMSTERDAM - Video capture, production, distribution and archiving require significant investments in equipment and software. As a consequence significant media industry events include a lot of digital storage and stored content management booths on ... Continue reading "IBC: storage, archiving, asset management" »

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  • IBC 2012: Day 5 - Hall 7, The Closing Bell

    Posted By Katie Hinsen

    Hall 7 on the final day of IBC 2012. Today was the final day of IBC 2012. I could feel it, the demo artists were adding a little last-day flavor to their presentations, the vendors finally had a chance to rush around and see each others' products, ... Continue reading "IBC 2012: Day 5 - Hall 7, The Closing Bell" »

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  • IBC 2012: Day 4 - I Have Seen The Future

    Posted By Katie Hinsen

    People are getting "IBC Fatigue". I can feel it all around me, the excitement that existed a couple of days ago is diminishing. For the vendors, tomorrow is the light at the end of the tunnel. For the visitors, sleep and a chance to rest the feet is ... Continue reading "IBC 2012: Day 4 - I Have Seen The Future" »

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  • IBC 2012: Day 3 - Less Trekking, More Teching

    Posted By Katie Hinsen

    Today was the day I planned to give my feet a rest and give my brain a decent workout with conference sessions. The biggest gossip of IBC is that Fuji have announced they will stop producing film at the end of 2012. That's huge news for everyone here ... Continue reading "IBC 2012: Day 3 - Less Trekking, More Teching" »

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  • IBC 2012: Slowing Time - Massing Data

    Posted By Tom Coughlin

    Physicists in the last ten years have accomplished an incredible feat; they have slowed and even stopped light using ultra cold plasmas. The light is absorbed in the plasma and does not radiate again until a laser beam perpendicular to the original ... Continue reading "IBC 2012: Slowing Time - Massing Data" »

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