IBC 2012: Day 5 - Hall 7, The Closing Bell

Posted By Katie Hinsen on September 11, 2012 09:02 am | Permalink

Hall 7 on the final day of IBC 2012.

Today was the final day of IBC 2012. I could feel it, the demo artists were adding a little last-day flavor to their presentations, the vendors finally had a chance to rush around and see each others' products, and the visitors were wheeling around their suitcases, grabbing the last of the freebies and making last minute deals before flying home to every corner of the world.

It was much quieter today. Still buzzing, but in more of a muffled drone. Many of the visitors and sales people had already left, and those remaining at the RAI were tired; slower moving, and conversations were muted. There was a general understanding, read on all faces, that both the conference and the city had been enjoyed to the fullest extent this week.

I decided if there was anywhere I wanted to be at the moment the end of the conference was announced, it was Hall 7. Post people are my people, and I knew there would be an air of relief when people finally got to take off their corporate garb and get back to being relaxed, easy-going techs and creatives. As the last half-hour approached, demo screens turned to countdown clocks. People started packing up and announcer mics were unplugged so that the audio systems could be used to play music instead.

As visitors left to grab the first of hundreds of taxis outside, exhibitors cracked open hard-earned drinks and sat around the shells of their booths. 

I strolled out onto the sunny streets of Amsterdam, inspired, exhausted, and excited to do it all again in 2013.

At the announcement of the closing of IBC 2012, post people were smiling, sleeping, or sneaking out the door. Quantel, The Foundry and others passing by.