CES: more random thoughts

Posted By Randall Dark on January 10, 2013 07:53 am | Permalink
By Randall Dark

LAS VEGAS - I am still in Vegas, and I am still filing bits and pieces from the CES show floor for Post Magazine.

As you all know, 4K shooting, editing and protection masters all require lots of storage, so I decided to visit the LaCie booth. Their 5Big Thunderbolt series is worth taking a look at.

Kimberly Myers, Worldwide PR manager LaCie, and Jeff McAdams, from my own, DARKmania (http://www.rdarkpro.com) are pictured.

I also took a bit of time to check out what I like to think of as "Pong on Steroids."

For those who love video games, we all remember the original Pong.
So when I came across the L551V-CMT32 Cyber Touch in the Mitsubishi Electric booth, I had to play. It is still great fun!

Stay tuned for more bits and pieces from the show.

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