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Even more random thoughts from CES

By Randall Dark
DARKmania Productions

I am now at the Idyllwild Film Festival in California where I will be screening my new Feature Documentary "Seadrift vs The Big Guy" Sunday Morning at the Rustic Cinema. Here is the Trailer:

Just because I left Las Vegas doesn't mean I am done talking about CES. Here are some more thoughts/photos from the show.

The biggest highlight so far for me...

I got to spend some time with the team from Harman International in the recording studio at the Palms with Lyle and Nathaniel Kunkel who mixes for Lyle.

I was with Lyle when he recently recorded "The Girl With The Holiday Smile" during his "Release Me" recording session, so  when I heard the  song again  in the Three-Dimensional Surround Experience based on the QuantumLogic technology I was truly amazed. Well done Harman. Great song Lyle. I am pictured next to Lyle (with glasses).

Here are some pictures of things that just didn't hit home with me.

Check out this picture, right. Although I love the elegance of the design, I wonder why would I want a curved 3D OLED TV?

This last photo below is not a picture of a giant hockey puck, but a prototype of the Sony 4K Media Player.

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