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December 4, 2002
BARCO EXPANDS D-CINEMA TRAINING PROGRAM KENNESAW, GA - Barco Digital Cinema has added several classes to its nationwide Digital Cinema training program. The classes are being offered to exhibitors and cinema industry experts in an effort to promote a better understanding of digital cinema, the future of the technology and the installation and operation of Barco's digital cinema projectors.

National training manager Bob Cardone and director of Barco Digital Cinema, America Harry Mathias head up the Digital Cinema Training Program which was implemented over two years ago at BARCO's U.S. headquarters in Kennesaw, GA. Initially, the program was designed to educate digital cinema dealers and cinema industry experts on the installation and technology of its earlier D-Cine Star and current D-Cine Premiere projectors. For the past two years Barco has conducted classes at many regional cinema sites and regularly in Los Angeles. Now, Barco will be providing hands-on training at Barco installation sites throughout the US.

"This is an exciting new area of cinema knowledge, and it is important that everyone in the cinema industry feel comfortable with it," says Mathias. "Fortunately, it is inherently simple, dependable, and not difficult to understand. Barco is determined to leave no one in the cinema industry behind, as this technology becomes our future."

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