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December 20, 2002
BOXX TO CONTINUE SUPPORT OF 5D PRODUCTS AUSTIN, TX - Boxx Technologies ( announced that it will continue to support Boxx hardware sold with 5D products. Prior to 5D's closing back in October, Boxx had enjoyed a longstanding OEM relationship with the company, providing hardware for its Cyborg, Commander and Colossus systems. Boxx plans to honor the terms of 5D's original warranty agreements.

"5D's customers have experienced enough change and upheaval in the past few months," says Ed Caracappa, director of sales and marketing at Boxx. "We want them to feel confident that Boxx is committed to our hardware warranty and that they should contact us directly if they have any questions regarding support."

Some of 5D's assets were recently acquired by Discreet, though none of those assets included any intellectual property owned by Boxx.

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