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December 3, 2004

SAN FRANCISCO - Discreet's ( 3DS Max 7 software subscription members will receive their first value-added extension of this release cycle, Cloth Extension. This 3D modeling addition delivers a sophisticated cloth simulation system that gives artists the creative tools to build realistic, film-quality clothing for 3D characters. Artists can quickly turn modeled geometry into cloth, or easily designing/importing clothing patterns for the design of full garments for their characters.

While the Cloth Extension, which is based on Size8 Software's ClothFX Product, is still available separately for US $595 from the Discreet Certified 3ds max Plug-in Program (DCP) through Turbo Squid or Discreet Online Store, it will now be integrated directly into 3DS Max 7 software and delivered in January at no additional cost to valid Discreet Subscription customers.

Cloth Extension features include clothing patterns that can be used as the basis for real-world clothing that reflects both fabric type and pattern; the ability to define or select cloth types, including silk, cotton, and wool so clothing behaves as it would in the real world; clothes can be tailor-made, not just baggy, draped cloth, with inner seam lines for pleats and vents; the capability to save and share cloth preset types; access to most cloth functions with MaxScript.

3DS Max 7 software is available for US $3,495. For an annual fee of US $440 in North America, 3DS Max customers can benefit from the Discreet Subscription Program, and receive web support direct from Discreet with self-paced training options, feature-rich product extensions and a broad range of other technology and business benefits.

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