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August 12, 2004
SIGGRAPH: VERARI UNVEILS NEMESYS X64 DUAL-PROCESSOR WORKSTATION SAN DIEGO, CA - Verari Systems (formerly RackSaver), brought its new NemeSys X64 dual-processor graphics workstation to this year's SIGGRAPH show in Los Angeles. The system is based on 64-bit Intel Xeon processors at 3.60 GHz with 800MHz system bus and Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology. It also incorporates NVidia's latest PCI-Express graphics card.

Priced starting at $3,400, the NemeSys is designed for game development, frame rendering for filmmaking and visualization. Options include the ability to house up to six hard drives, allowing for up to 1.5TB of storage. Verari ( also offers its Cycles@work software, which allows users to seek out available workstation compute cycles out of their enterprise, augmenting blade server clusters to speed up completion time on computationally-intensive tasks.

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