November 4, 2005


The four blades of Schick’s Quattro vibrate through a motor strategically positioned in the head of the razor, all in an effort to give users the closest, smoothest, most comfortable shave.

Rising Excitement, Wish and Aphrodisiac were written and directed by the creative team of Colin Winn and Ben Steele at JWT. In Rising Excitement, the razor is shown in a phallic position. Wish shows the razor nodding in approval in response to the new features of Quattro Power. Aphrodisiac reveals an animated razor bumping and grinding, then rolling over in exhaustion. All three spots close with the tag line, “Turn on the Power of 4.”

The scripts provided 4stroke with a simple-yet-provocative concept in which to design and animate three spots with stylized backgrounds and a common CG end mneumonic.

The studio used Alias Maya running on dual-Xeon Dell workstations for the animation, along with a 24-CPU renderfarm. Eyeon Fusion was used for compositing. 4stroke completed the job in five weeks. Credits include producer Erin Kuttner, creative director Tony Cleave, senior animator/technical director Derek Gebhart, designer/animator Matt Lajoie, and animator Sai Win Myint Oo.

Keen Music recorded voiceover and provided the soundtrack.

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