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September 30, 2005

Archion says Unity has an inherent risk for media loss in the event of a drive failure. Also, when using existing Unity systems, editors need to mirror (or double) their storage as well as the cost to ensure media protection. The Synergy Plus product offers Unity users hardware RAID protection within a Unity environment, adding significant data storage expansion without doubling the storage requirements and without incurring any additional software expenses.

"Our extensive knowledge of Avid's storage systems, and our journey to fulfill the needs of the post production industry, have led us to develop a solution that responds to the concerns our clients have expressed about the existing Avid Unity storage system," says Archion CTO James Tucci, who engineered the Synergy Plus product. "We are big fans of Avid editing systems, but our company's sole focus is providing state-of-the-art storage. We are the only technology company that has engineered a friendly hardware RAID technology to expand and compliment Avid's Unity storage system."

Synergy Plus includes the latest version Medianetwork 4.1, and is a full featured SATA II to FC RAID storage unit designed for networking digital video systems. The product comes in units from 1 TB and up, with two ports of 2GB FC, and is compatible with Windows, Macintosh OS 9, X and Tiger, Linux, and UNIX.