February 11, 2005


SANTA MONICA - The new spot for Whiskas, edited by Cut + Run's Dan Swietlik, is a playful and whimsical illustration of the popularity of Whiskas Meaty Selections.

"House" opens with a man returning home with a bag of groceries. He pours Whiskas New Meaty Selections for his cat, which scampers into the kitchen purring with delight. Suddenly, there is a crash outside. Looking out the kitchen widow, the man is awestruck when he discovers he is staring eye-to-eye with a lioness and a purring lion. Pulling back the window shade, a pack of tigers is revealed. A shadow of a great cat then streaks across the wall, and heavy paw thuds indicate the creatures are crawling around on the roof. We then see a long shot of the house and a myriad of wild felines surrounding the property. Why all of this unusual activity? Cats can't resist the Whiskas New Meaty Selections.

TBWA Chiat/Day /Los Angeles, CA was the agency; Harry Patramanis of Form directed; Bob Festa of Riot Santa Monica was the colorist; Ring of Fire did the effects; Machine Head did the sound design and music; and Jimmmy Hite of Margarita Mix was the mixer.