August 10, 2005


DALY CITY, CA - Digidesign ( is now offering two new Avid MediaDrive standalone SCSI hard drives, in 146- and 300GB configurations, as well as a new MediaDock Shuttle 146GB removable SCSI drive.

The company is also lowering prices for the existing 73GB MediaDrive and 73GB MediaDock Shuttle. The 80GB FireWire drive and the 36GB versions of the MediaDrive and MediaDock Shuttle are being discontinued.

New products include the MediaDrive rS146/320 LVD 146 GB standalone drive, the MediaDock Shuttle iS146/320 LVD 146 GB removable drive, and the MediaDrive rS300/320 LVD 300 GB standalone drive.

Each of the new drives includes a thermal-sensing fans and warning indicators that help to protect data. QuietDrive technology helps to reduce drive noise by 20 dB.

Avid SCSI drives use Ultra 320 LVD 10,000 rpm drives. With data transfer rates up to 320MB per second, Avid SCSI drives are well equipped to handle audio and video streams and are thoroughly tested for compatibility with Pro Tools systems.

For maximum flexibility, Avid MediaDock Shuttle drives provide the same performance and capacity as the MediaDrive standalone drives, but they are less expensive and can be easily swapped between both Digidesign and Avid MediaDock chassis.

All of the Avid drives currently offered have been tested with Pro Tools TDM 6.9 and Pro Tools LE 6.9 software running on Windows XP and Mac OS X systems.