July 25, 2005


DALY CITY - Digidesign (www.digidesign.com) is now shipping MassivePack 4 and MassivePack 4 Pro plug-in bundles for its Pro Tools|HD systems. From now until September 20th, customers who purchase a MassivePack 4 plug-in bundle can save over $7,000 on a collection of professional TDM plug-ins from Digidesign and its development partners. Users who purchase a "Pro" bundle receive a Pro Tools|HD Accel card in addition to all of the same plug-ins for a savings of over $10,000. The Pro Tools|HD Accel card supercharges Pro Tools|HD systems with increased DSP power.

Available for current and new Pro Tools|HD Accel system owners, MassivePack 4 includes: Phoenix by Crane Song; ReVibe and Smack! by Digidesign; the Fairchild 660 and 670 Bundle, as well as the Pultec Bundle by Bomb Factory; Eventide's H3000 Factory and Quadravox, Sony's Oxford EQ; McDSP's Channel G and MC2000; SoundToys' Speed; TC Electronic's Master X3; and URS's A10 and N12 Series.