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November 21, 2005

In each scene, one of the Orange County Chopper personalities adds his own stamp to European design – Mikey adding a sidecar to a double-decker bus, for example, and Junior adding a tachometer to the face of Big Ben.

Convert handled all aspects of production, including concept, development, storyboarding, directing, animation and editorial. The :30 spot promoted a two-episode special and combines live action of the OCC guys with stylized 3D graphics of the European landmarks.

Convert director/creative director/editor Adam Bluming says they went with a style that suggested the Teutuls are really just big kids and that the landmarks were giant toy props, rather than photoreal structures.

Working with Convert’s production company, The Ebeling Group (, the team shot the Teutuls against a greenscreen on a New York City soundstage. The stylized European backdrop is CG, created using Maxon Cinema 4D.

Bluming’s production team included visual effects supervisor Zack Nederlander, effects artists John Robson and Cory Shaw, and cinematographer Martin Ahlgren.

Cypher Audio Development in Montreal handled the sound design and mix.

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