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October 21, 2005






The commercials began airing nationwide earlier this month.

In "Fall Anthem", a young woman dressed in white installs a light bulb in a ceiling fixture. As the camera pulls back, it's revealed that the entire ceiling is full of the pure white bulbs. In another sequence, the image of a bird on a curtain comes alive and becomes the object of a child's Origami project.

Graphics stating "Design Creates," "Design Inspires" and "Design Shapes" appear throughout the commercial, as do products ranging from sleek DVD players and plasma screens to geometric-inspired fabrics and furniture. The spot ends with the Target bullseye logo and "Design For All" followed by Target's end tag: "Expect More. Pay Less."

Similarly, "Fall Fashion" showcases a series of young people as they model the diverse fall fashions available at Target this year. Both spots are driven by The Concretes' song, "Say Something New."

Believe Media in Hollywood produced the spots. Stefan Sonnenfeld of Company 3 handled color correction. Kurt Angell of Pixel Farm in Minneapolis provided visual effects and online services.

Daron Walker of Modern Music & Sound in Minneapolis remixed the "Say Something New" track. Bryan Hanna handed the final mix.

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