February 15, 2005


LAS VEGAS - At NAB, Doremi Labs (www.doremilabs.com) will show its new multi-channel HD Video Servers, which use JPEG2000 compression technology allowing it to provide two hours of near uncompressed quality video on just one SCSI hard drive.

Doremi Labs started shipping the JPEG2000 compression V1-HD VDR in January 2005. The V1-HD features HD-SDI and SDI in/out and functions as a drop-in replacement for any HD VTR. The V1-HD also features an independent record and play option, and a dual-link HD-SDI option.

The V1-HD's numerous advanced features lend their use to many applications. Its random access and simple video clip and play list programming provides for efficient on-air and live event operation. In a film or video mastering environment the V1-HD becomes a multi-format recorder of compressed SD and HD video.

Its dual-Link HD-SDI option offers 4:4:4 2k resolution for applications such as Digital Cinema, 3D video and super-wide screen (stereoscopic) video. Its independent record and play option is ideal for broadcast time delay and sports slow motion replay. In sports applications one channel can be set to record the live event, while the other is free to playback any part of the recorded video in slow motion.