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April 19, 2005
IMAGICA SOLVES DI QUESTIONS AND PARTNERS WITH ASSIMILATE LAS VEGAS - Imagica Corp., specialists in film scanning technology, have introduced new digital intermediate solutions at NAB, and have entered into a strategic partnership with DI software developer Assimilate. Among Imagica's ( innovations are: an upgraded Imager XE digital film scanner which can scan pin-registered film at 1.3 sec./frame in 2K and at 2.5 sec./frame in 4K; the Galette color management system, allowing users to view accurate color when projecting digital film data to a screen; and Cinecure, a "paint type" dust- and scratch-removal system.

Imagica's partnership with Assimilate ( involves providing Imagica's Galette and Cinecure via Assimilate's new Scratch Data-Centric Workflow solution. Scratch will also set up the data structures and XML programming interface for Imagica's pin-registered Imager XE scanners.

Assimilate's Scratch software includes simultaneous realtime multi-resolution review/playback, assemble/edit, conform, primary and secondary color grading, scratch audio, visual effects, final mastering to film and data management.

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