July 29, 2005


NEW YORK - Executive producer, visual effects supervisor and director Jim Riche has joined the Nice Shoes Family (www.niceshoes.com), consisting of Nice Shoes, Guava and Freestyle Collective. Riche will act as head of production for both Nice Shoes and Guava, and will oversee the companies' production staffs, as well as work to foster collaboration between the two studios. He will also serve as a visual effects supervisor for special projects on a bicoastal basis.

Riche's appointment is the latest move in Nice Shoes' effort to grow its business and promote collaboration between it and its affiliates.

Initially, Riche states that he will focus on coordinating efforts between the two studios, which, together offers complete HD services, color correction with Specter, final editorial with Flame/Smoke suites, and visual effects. Both facilities have been completely HD compatible for some time. Nice Shoes has added a second Specter FS (FilmStream) Virtual Datacine, Grass Valley's nonlinear color correction system, enabling spots to be finished in a shorter period of time with more consistency from scene to scene.

Riche formerly served as executive producer of Cibolo Films in San Antonio and Santa Monica, a specialist in Hispanic advertising and a company that he founded in 1997. He was also the founder of the New York visual effects house Cause + Effects.