July 28, 2005


SANTA MONICA - Editor Geoff Hounsell of New York/Santa Monica-based Lost Planet recently completed a funny campaign for the New York Mets via ad agency Ogilvy & Mather. The five-spot package feature the team's popular mascot, Mr. Met, as he tries to pass time while waiting at Shea Stadium for the team to return home from its road trip.

"T-shirt Cannon" shows a groundskeeper being pelted with soft projectiles from the device. The stadium is empty and it's clear who is behind the hijinx. Mr. Met's baseball-shaped noggin is sticking out from behind the seats.

"Cart" begins with the sounds of a hammer echoing throughout the empty halls of Shea. It's Mr. Met, building a stunt ramp for a jump in the bullpen mobile. The sounds from the ensuing crash suggest an unsuccessful attempt.

"Whittler" shows Mr. Met carving up baseball bats in the team dugout, while "Jumbotron" demontrates what happens when the mascot gains access to the scoreboard controls.

The :30 spots were all shot in one day at Shea, and were meant to be straightforward and simple, closing with a tag that states the Mets are coming back to town, "and not a moment too soon."

LA's Biscuit Filmworks shot the spots with Tim Godsall directing and Derek McKane serving as DP.

Lost Planet's Paul Snyder assisted Hounsell with the edit.

Nice Shoes' John Shea, Kevin Wade and Rich Schrek onlined the spots, which are accompanied by the team's original 1962 keyboard track. Philip Loeb at Sound Lounge in New York mixed the commercials.