July 19, 2005


Zoka's Bill Grishaw, Craig Huneycutt and Steve Van Dam.

RICHMOND, VA - Zoka (www.zokamusic.com) has launched, providing original music for commercials, film and television projects through its locations in Richmond, Charlottesville and Los Angeles. The new company marks the coming together of talents Bill Grishaw, Steve Van Dam and Craig Honeycutt.

Grishaw was a founding partner in 804 Music and Rainmaker Recording & Creative. Van Dam and Honeycutt are founding partners in the band Everything. Prior to its official launch last week, the trio completed projects for The Martin Agency, Element 79 and HHNY for clients Miller Genuine Draft, Tropicana, Geico and Quiznos.

Grishaw is known for his ability to translate clients' concepts into projects with impact. He speaks the language of both the music artist and client and, as producer, guides each project from conception through completion.

Van Dam and Honeycutt's Everything started touring full-time in 1992, mixing elements of funk, rock, ska, jazz, and Latin music. The 1998 album Super Natural included the single "Hooch," which became a hit when it was featured on the soundtrack of the feature film "The Waterboy."

Van Dam is a multi-instrumentalist composer and arranger, as well as a producer and engineer. Honeycutt is a songwriter, producer and engineer. As the lead vocalist and songwriter for the band, he has sung with the likes of Dave Matthews, Darrius Rucker and Joan Osborne.

"I am excited about this new partnership at Zoka," says Honeycutt. "After being in the record business for so many years, and watching the landscape change, I wanted to find out creative ways to develop talent and release music. Bill Grishaw pointed out that we could bring a really strong talent base to the table and offer commercial clients something unique. In return, it is exciting to apply some funding towards album production and distribution. I have found the give and take to be very rewarding and original."