December 14, 2005


The library is organized by genre (drama, comedy, children, and sports), as well as by musical style, library, composer and keyword. The complete catalog can be sampled online, with full track auditioning and downloading for registered users. Orville’s music is also available through a variety of other digital delivery media, such as DVD, CD, FireWire portable drives, and local network storage drives that can be customized based on client needs.

Orville’s collection features the music of composers and writers Eric Bazilian (songwriter “If God Were One of Us”), Michael Montes (film score A Perfect Fit and America Brown), John Lissauer (film score Seven, Truce and Rooster) Rick DiFonzo (guitarist in Roger Waters’ Bleeding Hearts Band), Earl Slick (Bowie’s lead guitarist), Michael Sembello (“Maniac” from the film Flashdance), Arthur Baker (80’s legendary dance mix producer), Peter Baltes (from the heavy metal band Accept), and John Siegler (head composer/writer 4Kids Productions), just to name a few.

In 2006, Orville expects to launch Chuck Hammer’s “Reality” library, designed to work within the context of series television and digital film projects. “Reality” provides flexibility to series producers and editors by delivering thought out, stem sub mix files. These are typically broken down into percussion only, music minus percussion, ambient effects, and full mix files.

At the most basic level, “Reality” allows the music editor to affect a mood change at any given time, by mixing in, fading out, or slipping a sub mix file to a desired frame without re-cutting the track. Files can also be easily re-balanced so they don’t compete with voiceover, dialogue or picture. Hammer, previously a guitarist with both Lou Reed and David Bowie, is a leading television series composer, having worked on projects for Discovery, TLC, A&E and Bravo.