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January 14, 2005
POP MIXES T-MOBILE SPOTS SANTA MONICA - POP sound engineer Mitch Dorf performed the audio mix for a pair of new T Mobile spots featuring consumers who would brave anything, even death, to avoid high cell phone charges.

Conceived by Publicis, one spot features three guys, whose car has become wedged beneath the rear end of a semi, arguing about their cell charges. In the end tag, T Mobile spokesperson Catherine Zeta-Jones encourages the boys to "come to T Mobile and talk whenever nationwide."

Combining sound design provided by music house Elias Associates with additional elements supplied by the spot's editor, Paul Norling of Filmcore, Dorf put together an audio portrait of the car's hair-raising ride.

The spot was directed by Phil Joanou of Villains and Company 3's Stefan Sonnenfeld was the colorist.

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