June 28, 2005


SAN FRANCISCO - Red Giant Software (www.redgiantsoftware.com) has introduced Magic Bullet Editors 2, a plug-in for popular editing applications that allows users to add film treatments to their projects right on the video timeline. The release is designed to take advantage of the power of Nvidia's GeForce 7800 GTX GPU with PureVideo technology to run the image enhancement application 12x faster than if it were using the system's CPU alone. Users can add film treatments to standard definition projects in realtime.

In addition to editing applications such as Avid AVX 1.5 systems, Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Sony Vegas, Magic Bullet Editors 2 also supports Apple Motion 2. The tool is based on The Orphanage's Magic Bullet technology and delivers film stock emulation, diffusion filters, and easy-to-use film-look presets. The included 65 custom-designed "Looks" alter shading, contrast, and tints of scenes to mimic the look of film. Users can choose preset Looks from a pop up menu or customize and save their own film treatments.

Available by the by the end of August, the release will cost $395. Upgrades from any previous version of Magic Bullet Editors are $99 (download) or $149 (box).