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April 4, 2005
RHINOFX'S VICO SHARABANI PRESENTING AT AUTODESK'S NAB BOOTH NEW YORK - Rhinofx ( visual effects supervisor/partner Vico Sharabani will be making a presentation at Autodesk Media and Entertainment's booth at this year's NAB conference. This is the third year Sharabani is making a presentation at the Autodesk (formerly Discreet) booth, where he promises to expose some of his secrets and techniques for creating 3D elements in Inferno.

Sharbani will use recent Rhinofx spots for projects for Budweiser and Life Magazine as primary examples, he will explore the use of still imagery to convey "stories through motion." Sharabani will also offer an overview of past techniques, such as an astonishing X-ray effect he created for a "Look Inside the NHL" project. The PCR (Point Constraint Rig) technique elicited high praise from top artists at SIGGRAPH and at last year's Discreet User Group. Sharabani describes the full 3D rig, constructed inside Inferno, as "motion capture-meets-traditional animation."

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