August 3, 2005


LOS ANGELES - Alias introduced Version 7 of its Maya application at this year's SIGGRAPH show. The new release is available as a download to platinum members immediately and sports a rounded out feature set and UV tools.

The new Version 7 allows for faster animating of characters. Render layers have been rearchitected and there is now improved connection to applications such as Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator.

Tools for visual effects and illustrations have been improved within the application. A new posing tool has been added as well a new toon shader.

MotionBuilder, which Alias gained last year through the Kaydara acquisition, has been upgraded to Version 7 too. The productivity tool for 3D character animation offers new and improved character animation functionality, a simplified process for working with motion capture data, and a line control rig option that shows FK and IK, helping to visualize the final results on a rig.